Best places to find premium WordPress themes

You’ve probably started out building your first website on a WordPress platform because you’ve caught wind of the great reputation that WordPress has, and yes, you have made a good choice. However, how do you find the best premium theme that suits your website needs and is still easy to learn? Based on my experience, here are four of my favorite places to find the latest and greatest WordPress themes:

1. My first choice is almost always the Themeforest online community. This website offers an excellent selection that includes some of the highest-quality WordPress themes from many different developers, and they offer very reliable customer support after you purchase your new theme too. We’re talking about a library of more than 19,000 themes and templates to choose from here! The variety of choices is nearly endless. One of Themeforest’s major strong points is that they’re always showcasing the latest special WordPress themes so that you can discover new designs and ideas to make your website catch more attention.

2. An excellent second-choice website to visit while shopping for a premium theme is the Genesis Framework by Studiopress. Not only is the Genesis Framework probably the fastest on the market right now, but these themes are absolutely ideal for the latest search-engine optimization trends. The community here is very supportive, and when you spend a little extra for premium themes, your website can make a much greater visual impact.

3. Whenever I’m not in the mood to delve into coding to fine-tune a website, WooThemes becomes my go-to website for top-rate WordPress themes that are easier to modify. These themes make it really simple to perfectly integrate an online shop into your website as well. Unlike other themes, WooThemes include lots of useful plugins that you can turn on and off as you please. This feature saves you a lot of time from having to research and play with downloading snd installing lots of plugins along the way that might not even give you the result you were looking for.

4. Getting your website built with the designs from Elegant Themes, Inc. is another fine choice that you shouldn’t overlook either. Their theme collection has many diverse and fresh looks. Especially if you need strong graphics on your website, you just may fall in love with these displays. The interface here is highly user-friendly, and you can select themes from 10 different categories according to the primary function of your website. These themes feature drag-and-drop page builders. Their latest Divi theme comes with more than 20 pre-made layouts to jumpstart your website building, and you still have the freedom to customize them at will. Plus, you can save and create your own custom layouts for future websites and additional webpages, making it easier to expand your website later.

Written by Kris Calixton