Best Contact Form Plugins for WordPress

The right contact form plugin can make a world of difference when building or updating a WordPress site. Because WordPress is an open source website creation tool, users have developed countless contact form plugins for it through the years. Not surprisingly, some of the best ones also happen to be the most popular. These five WordPress contact form plugins are sure to go the distance for you:

  1. Slick Contact Forms – If you prefer using widgets while customizing your WordPress site, this contact form plugin should be right up your alley. Slick Contact Forms lets you quickly and easily add a variety of contact forms to your site, including floating forms, “sticky” sliding tab forms and more. In addition to being highly customizable, this plugin helps you boost your marketing efforts by capturing IP addresses and URLs.
  2. Fast Secure Contact Form – Simple, easy and effective, Fast Secure Contact Form gets the job done. Quickly add, remove and reorder form fields to achieve the perfect configuration. Create as many custom fields as needed with a few clicks of the mouse button. Redirect users to any URL after submitting a form, and create multiple forms for a single page. As an added bonus, Fast Secure Contact Form is loaded with anti-spam comment features, including CAPTCHA support.
  3. Custom Contact Forms – When it comes to customizing virtually every last element in a WordPress contact form, it’s tough to beat Custom Contact Forms. This highly customizable plugin lets you tweak many aspects of the forms you create without knowing any CSS. Forms are mostly put together via a drag-and-drop interface that couldn’t be more intuitive to use. In addition to customizing the size, colors, margins, backgrounds and overall style of your forms, this plugin lets you choose different email destinations for different forms and add, remove and rearrange custom fields with ease.
  4. Contact Form 7 – This simple plugin is wildly popular largely because of how easy it is to use. If you just need basic contact forms on your WordPress site, it ought to do the trick. With it, you can quickly add customized forms to any page or post on your WordPress site. This plugin supports multiple languages, and it lets you create multiple contact forms for a single page without knowing any code at all.
  5. Jetpack Contact Form – If you’re using the self-hosted version of WordPress, this handy plugin lets you enjoy some of the special features that are included with sites. For example, you can track statistics from your contact forms and enable social media comments. Like other popular WordPress contact form plugins, this one lets you customize the appearance and functionality of your forms too.

By using one of these five plugins, you’ll never toil away for hours creating custom contact forms for your WordPress site again.

Written by Kris Calixton