July 8, 2015

    What are the requirements to host WordPress?

    By / July 8, 2015

    When you start out learning how to build your first WordPress website, it’s critical that you choose a hosting company with WordPress optimization so that your site runs the way it should. Thankfully, almost every reputable hosting service these days designs automatic-install functions for WordPress; that means that you don’t need to have any coding… Read more

    Best places to find premium WordPress themes

    By / July 6, 2015

    You’ve probably started out building your first website on a WordPress platform because you’ve caught wind of the great reputation that WordPress has, and yes, you have made a good choice. However, how do you find the best premium theme that suits your website needs and is still easy to learn? Based on my experience,… Read more

    Best WordPress Plugins for Photo Galleries

    By / July 6, 2015

    If you own a WordPress site and really want your photos to take center stage, it pays to find the right WordPress photo gallery plugin. A quick search reveals there are dozens of options; which one is right for you? Whether you’re looking for a free solution or are willing to spend a little money… Read more

    How to Add a Newsletter Opt-In Form to Your WordPress Site

    By / July 6, 2015

    Building an email list is a common way to collect customer information that gives you a direct line to your target market. Email newsletters go directly to people who are already interested in your products and services, so you can create targeted marketing campaigns to grow your business. With WordPress, it’s easy to add an… Read more

    Best Contact Form Plugins for WordPress

    By / July 6, 2015

    The right contact form plugin can make a world of difference when building or updating a WordPress site. Because WordPress is an open source website creation tool, users have developed countless contact form plugins for it through the years. Not surprisingly, some of the best ones also happen to be the most popular. These five… Read more

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